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differnece between sump and wet dry filters

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I run a eheim 2227 wet and dry filter on a 4ft 280 lt tank fairly heavily stocked

it is awesome for this set up and is cheap to run once set up

I believe it is a good option if you want compact filtration inside a cabinet

I do also run an old aquaclear 500 as back up and dirt removal

sumps are better usually because they can hold massive amounts of bio media and they are easy to service and maintain

you can customise them easily

so unless you want to use a sun sun cabinet or similar for your tank, then a sump will usually work harder than any filter if they are set up right

I would use a sump if your tank is bigger than 4ft for sure

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I have a 4ft tank, 220Lt aprox. About 200Lt due rocks. Yeah, sump filters from my research are awesome. For my tank what size sump would I need? a 2ft sump?

On this website I was looking at the WD-125CS wet dry filter. What does everyone else think?




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