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Tanks for sale

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Hi all

a very sad day realising I have just no more time for fishes any more!!! Study + Work + bub on the way = no my time. Hence, I am selling all my 'auxillary' tanks and just keeping the one. Regretful sale.

3 ft tank with hood and stand / cupboard + 200w heater + fluval fliter + gravel + light + aerator package (ornaments in the picture now included)

Now $150 for the lot............

Prices are very nego.

Location: Toowoomba

PM me or SMS only on 0407 672 801

Cheers guys!



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Thanks hennesy!!! Yea it is but hey hey sold the 20inch and 1ft-er today to ozzy Oscar. Very nice fella. Hope you enjoy the tanks.

3ft and 18 inch cube still for sale.

As soon as there is interest, I will drain the 3fter

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