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I need some Ideas

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Please :)

Sold my Oscars today and I'm looking for something different.

Africans seem to be the go now but:

What's different...

What do you have?

I don't necessarily want rare but I would like something different.

I'm setting up my 6 x 2 x 2 with a 4 foot sump.

Sand substrate

I have a heaps of slate which will go in as well

Oh not to mention the bn I have and what Africans I still have here

Any suggestions please - with pics would be great

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because peacocks are often found over sand

well and rocks

and weeds

but ya they have sonar in their heads

to hunt prawns in sand

and they are pretty

they are common enough to be cheap

BUT there are so many varietys, species, bloodlines, morphs ect that you can always try hunt down the rare and weird too

that and you can put most other species with them

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hey Wooden (sorry I had to use that mispelt term from Relle..haha high 5 Relle!)

Man, you got rid of the oscars! the big yankees?

I tell you what now you've thrown me in a spin. Iv been gearing up to get a biggish american for my 4x18 (haha picked up a freebie on the weekend.. yes free and on a cabinet...score!).

But lets get onto africans.

Im with DeadFish on the peacocks hey. I got some of his splits on the weekend and I really like em. They dont seem to have the robot like behaviour of the mbunas.

All mbunas seem to do all day is "food food food, must eat... oh hey wait you look like me... kill kill kill kill....". They just seem to act alot on instinct. But the peacocks are a bit more chilled out.

And, do you want display or breeders?? Cuz as DFF said you can get some cool varietys and morphs with these guys. I love my saulosi but no interest at all to breed them - I'll just get more saulosi. But with the peacocks well if your trying for a particular morph then its a bit more of a challenge and its all about getting another awesome fish for your display.

Anyway, theres some ramblings from a another lost soul who cant decide what to get next.

Ps. Shon - Id love to get some Tangs as they seem a bit more refined than the old mbuna, but they do cost a bit $$$$$$. bugger!

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