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YOU design an american tank

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Substrate - Sand

Tank decor - rootballs and twisted/tangled driftwood, ketapang leaves

Plants - amazon frogbit

Stocklist - Altum angels ( the true ones not peruvians), geo sp. Araguaia orange heads, and those blue/brown discus that are actually yellow in colour. A school of sterbais or gossei cories and some L333s For the clean up crew


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Similar to CAVs idea;

Substrate; nice sand substrate, layer the sand finished with a fine layer of peat and broken down indian almond leaves and more leaf litter and mulm.

Hardscape; TONNES of cool twiggy and also more defined melaleuca pieces as well as some key core structures from melaleuca

Fish; Colonies of Altumn Angels or BE EVEN COOLER and have a nice colony of WILD BLUE DISCUS (you can say you have discus but do you have DISCUS! ;) ), a breeding trio of say apistogramma bitaeniata blues or apistogramma agasizzii, a colony of corydoras of your choice (atropersonatus, melini, metae, adolfoi, triliniatus, elegans, sterbais, etc) or multiple schools of corydoras, dwarf pencilfish (marginatus) and also a cool tetra such cardinals for a dash of colour along side the pencilfish

Fauna; Amazon frogbit

mmmmm south american perfection. Clouds would open up and angels would fall from the heaven for that kind of tank mmm :)

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corbii - beautiful tank mate i also have breeding pair of sevs i pm'd you for info :D

discus_noob- its a nice idea but im not into discus im more into stuff that effs stuff up atm i got a green terror a large red oscar(currently fightign with green terror i think its cos terrors new kid on the block and oscars showing he rules the tank) and 3 sevs(2 large one small) but tank looks like rubbish because i never really got to choose the gravel i wanted and ornaments and what not because i had to move my toga and sev from stepdads discus tank to my 6 because he was gettign sick of them eating his discus eggs haha

hopefully over the weekend i can sort it how i really want it amd get some new stuff crankin then show everyone a pic :D

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