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Hi All,

I'm new to this forum/site and would like to say Hi. I'm impressed by the information and help here.

I currently have a 6x2x18" display tank, had it quite a few years now. My favorite fish are severums. I've had them breed many times and even raised some and sold them off.

Currently my tank is a bit of a collection of others rejects, which I plan to correct soon. I want to get back into Americans (like severums or chocolates). So that means selling the unwanted and finding quality fish. So I will be on the hunt soon and hopefully using this great site to it's fullest.

Cheers for now.


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Hi and welcome Wayne :)

Your right the site is a great help with lots of knowledgeable people ready to give some advice :)

love to see a pic of your tank if you have any....i like to steal set-up ideas :D

Goodluck with your future sales and buys <3

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Welcome to this forum its awesome, buying and selling on this forum is a pleasure (99% of the time) you will get great deals and meet some awesome very knowledgeable people. Post up any queries you have and you will get heaps of great advice.

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