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FS: 5x2x2 Setup

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For sale

5x2x2 tank with lids, has some scratches on the 3 sides near the bottom but good enough for display

It has been in the dining room and was a good display tank

Tank has a cracked bottom but I was told from the original owner it was repaired over 3 years ago. He and myself have had it for 4 years in total without any dramas at all. It has a new base over the crack and is a job well done. You can view it with water if you want. Many people have been over and seen it running fine.

I wouldn't have bought it in the first place if I didn't trust it

The tank has one of those Olgas backgrounds and looks very nice

Includes Stand and Hood to match, black in colour

The tank is drilled for a sump and includes the plumbing to match

Underneath is a 2.5ft sump made to fit perfectly under the stand, custom made by Nathan (mad-n-angry)

All you need is a pump, heater and lights

Pick up only - the drive way is pretty steep and bumpy

You'll need to bring people to help lift it (say 4 in total) I can help but I'm not the strongest person haha

What I can do, if you're worried about the drive way, is load it into the Toyota prado and I'll drive it down and then we lift it into your ute, trailer or whatever

Asking for $500 or nearest offer

Just ask about price, I'm pretty negotiable and won't get offended lol but keep it fair and reasonable

Any other questions, just ask :)

Rocks, sand, lights, pump and heater not included



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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