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Guest Kamfa

FS: Red Devil x Flowerhorn

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Guest Kamfa

hey guys if you may have seen my other post in live stock i just do not have the room for these guys anymore so anyone who is willing to give the buggers a home thanks in advance.

SPECIES: Red devil x Flowerhorn


SIZE: 7cm

PRICE: $9 each or both for $15

LOCATION: Pacific Pines, gold coast

PREFERRED CONTACT: send me a text on 0466441170 or hit me up with a pm

CONDITIONS: no specific conditions


Thats one of them "he" is a pinky colour with good finage and some nice pearls on the tail and on the back half of the body he also shows some good kok potential.


this is the other guy, he might be a late fader or not he has 5 scripts along his body that have a few blue pearls he has a few torn fins from the other guy, nothing to serious.


thanks guys for viewing both are eating well and are fed on hikari cichlid gold and basic protein pellet, they have both grown at arround 1" every month so far. thanks for veiwing guys



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