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something for the 6x2x2 ! AGGRESSIVE or SEMI AGGRESSIVE!

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4ftx15"wx18"h for a breeding pair of gold sevs(15-20cm ea) a small sev(5-10cm) and a green terror(15cm) would that work?

6x2x2 divided in half so a Red Oscar 20cm+ gets one half and either a saratoga(15cm) OR a mangrove jack(10cm) would get the other half then when one gets bigger i sell EITHER the jack\toga or the oscar

opinions yay nay?

would the 4x15Wx18H work for the 4 fish?

and what should go in the 6x2x2(must be aggressive or semi aggressive so i can feed it fun things :D)

corbii you were my inspiration for getting the sevs there own tank and the terror is a whimp so he can go live with them :D

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