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South East Queensland Aquarium Society recent marine species collecting

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These are a few pics from our Brisbane,Logan and The Redlands clubs recent activities with mainly free diving, there will be some low tide walks collecting more so into winter as the tides get smaller, exposing more areas to observe for the collecting of peppermint and boxer shrimps,a part from many other rock pool variaties.

There have been 6 trips during the holidays since the last post on here and these are just a few pics out of the many from those trips to show a tiny amount what we do a part from the standard aquarium club and marine aquarium keeping activities.

Hundreds of these surgeons ,well it appears like thousands at two of our trips, heaps around at several sites this season, as with the olivacius as well, they are quite small as well yet.

Another hepatus surgeon,a few caught lately this one was caught accidentally while trying to catch a hawk fish over the stags.


Lots of lovely inverts around at the sites we frequent.



A young Moorish idle caught; the last one kept is huge now in Marks tank, it looks obese!


Hope you like them and until a few are taken out of trips next time for you to put on here,enjoy the reef keeping!

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This thread is about the last 6 collecting trips the south east queensland aquarium society went on this month to collect our own marine aquarium species,two new set ups in particular needed fish and inverts to get them up and running.

There would have been around 6 to 15 pics per trip we kept and used and were put on the net.

Once we have had some more trips during May i will pick a couple of the new pics and put four on here again to share and promote the club as per usual.

Lots of life this season on the off shore reefs,its going off out there this year,but the estauries and in close reefs lost billions of life forms to the rains this season.

Oh well,just another nail in the oceans coffin from global warming,things have changed so much out there over the last 20 plus years.

The life gets replaced every season,some times in a big way like this year,but the habitat is being poluted to death.

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