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L. Ornatapinnis surprise!

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So i recently picked up a pair of ornatapinnis adults from Bones89(?), good guy! and set them up in my 320L with 3 juvi calvus. I was looking for a bit of colour so i picked up 4 x leleupi from the LFS and got reading that they don't get along all that well with shellies (newb). I could see that the male ornatapinnis was acting a bit off (not eating) in the big tank so i moved them into a tiny 20/15L tank in my office.

Well it all must have been too much for the male and he turned belly up by the afternoon..

Now i was quite upset about losing him and thinking of my options with the female for a few days until yesterday morning when i woke up and saw a dark moving mass in the corner which turned out to be approx 50 fry!!! imagine my surprise :)

Will i be able to leave the fry in the tank with the female safely?




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