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tank stocking advice

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hi i am getting a 4by2by3 and a 5by2by2 and looking to see some suggestions as to what to put in them. i no one of them my wife wants to put some elec blues and yellows but what else can go with them and breed as well. i know it comes down to individual choice but i am new to cichlids as i usually breed catfish and want something that looks cool but can still breed for a bit of fun. as for money well if the right colony suit it money is no issue thanks.

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In with blues and yellows for a colour change how about maingianos (spelling bad). I love the colour of them with a yellow fish.

So many cool fish - good cobalt blues are brill too.

So many choices - so few tanks.

Personally love my trophoeps chilumba - very unique male colours.



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tank full of trophious beautiful,

Some people like the relaxed natured tank with say some Frontosa's some dolphins maybe some lelupi or an all tang tank fronnies lelupi calvus...

all look brilliant.

Saltwater tank in 1 of them...

Infinate choices go to a fish shop see what fish you like. :).

Probably cheaper to buy off here or get to know your fishshop well and get a better price :).

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Do you want the typical african cichlid tank.

or man eaters

American cichlids...

Or a mixture of both... ?

I have had many tanks from frontosa only tanks to cichla mono's ... man eaters.... Geez there fun but $20 a week in feeders later.... there still fun :)...

The only tank i have going at the moment is Frontosa and Red head Geo's in a 4ftx22inchx2ft high tank.

Nice looking relaxed tank atm The red heads have bred before too still babies.

It all depends on what type of fish you like give us a little bit of what you like and we can come up with a tank for you :)

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