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Massive canister filter with backwash and built in uv

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OK.... Finally getting around to move some of my excess equipment.

I have a extra large canister filter that is ideally suited to a big bank of tanks or one big system.

This filter will filter a system up to 13,500 litres in volume and flow to 18,000 litres per hour and has a backwash system to save pulling the filter appart to clean it. It has a volume of 30 litres and a 24 watt built in uv steriliser. The inlet and outlet will take 25mm or 32mm hoses. Does mechanical and bio filtration.

This filter cost me over $400.00 from a pond supply shop.

Great condition


Asking $150.00

PM me with your email for pics or phone me on 0419 605545

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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