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Wtb - a light

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My fish just said to me this afternoon..."Dad, what are we going to do at night with no light?" I said, "It's Ok kids, if you can bear with me for a few days, I'll find you a light. There are some really nice people on the forum and most of them don't like me. Surely there'll be at least one person who is willing to throw a light at me and try an fry me."

So, Is there anyone who has a 4foot light they no longer need.

I'm making a hood and the light will need to fit under the hood. I would prefer a cover but I have tools and can make things.

A regular 4 foot light with lead is what I'm looking for...Anyone?

I read my PMs more than check threads since I am on the look out

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i think that if you do a remake of this....

someone may reward you with your light......just a suggestion

hey woodie buddy we double dare you to do that dance and we will personally give you a 4ft bulb for your 4ft light bahhahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahah

we must see the proof on you tube

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go woodie go..........go woodie go.............go woodie go.............go woodie go...........!!!!!!!!!

Come on guys join in and cheer woodie on

GO WOODIE GO....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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no mate looks like i might have to order one off ebay

I have a 40mm if that helps - I found 40mm perfect for 25mm bulkheads but too small for 32mm bulkheads.

You're welcome to borrow it if it will work for you.

Also as far as I have found, you would need to drill an absolute shit load of holes to wear one out. Mine doesn't even look like going "blunt" yet and I've drilled about 50 holes with it.

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