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Wild caught oscars ? what are the chances?

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Eveing all, the other night I was fortunate enough to have fellow forum members invite me to see their fish & fish room. It was like my fish heaven, everything I have ever drooled over & wanted was in their house. I am very gratefull to them for sharing with me.

But the fish that really took my eye was their beautifull wild caught oscar. considerably different than a captive raised fish, not only colour but the body shape & jaw shape.

I am now considering purchasing one, that is if I could ever find one FS.

Does anybody know how I could track a wild caught one down or who I should talk to? Or if you have one please share your pics as I would love to see them.

Thanks, Craigo.

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We can probably get them again. Really depends on the batch as to pattern/colour.

There was actually a very nice oscar hidden in with the egyptian mouth brooders on sunday lol

had the usual wild type patterns

Has a nemo fin too, which depending how ya look at it may be extra win

boss at pc is good at tracking down the rare stuff tho

you can always try putting in a customer order

rare she fails if its at all possible to get

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I might do that Donnie, but I have put in 2 requests with pet city & nobody has ever gotton back to me at all...

A friend is having the same problem....

I would come in if your guys could hook me up for sure.

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Did you give them a budget range?

If something is available but above the usual market price it may not get ordered.

If something IS available, and ya normally have to chase it up

then chuck down a deposit and it will come in.

We deal with dozens of requests each week.

And if we dont manage to find it in first 2 weeks

its worth checking up on

but ya normally ya get a call when we have it in store

or definitely available from a supplier

just too many requests to make calls saying we are still looking

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fair enough. Do you honestly think I would be able to find a top quality wild caught fish through pet city Donnie? I am really interetested but I have never bought , nor owned any wild fish...

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mate wild caught is random dude

ya order and then yea

you get what ya get

sometimes they have very little red

sometimes they have awesome colour

with stuff like that, thats why ya gotta put down a deposit

theres risk man

the other option is just to wait it out

keep an eye open

and sooner or later

if imports are still happening

you should encounter them

hard to know whether its worth it or not

when ya cant see the fish first

but yea thats the way it goes on some things

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Hi Craig

When it comes to wild caught oscars you do have to be very careful about who you buy from, one thing I have noticed is LFS selling captive bred as wild caught, the oscar that you are refering to, his mate thats in the tank with him was bought from a fellow member as a wild caught but when I went to pick him up I knew straight away that he wasn't, the member said he bought it from a shop as a wild caught and paid a bit of money for. The wild caught you saw at my place was over 30cm within 2 years and i bought him at 5cm so there is a size difference as well. The oscar that is in with him is about 3 years old and he is only half the size. If you want any more info just give us a call or pm me here and i would be more than happy to help you out.


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OK so my search has come up empty handed.

The problem is 2 fold, the government in brazil is not exporting, and we are not importing.

If you wanted a real mission, you could try get a feral oscar imported, caught out of the everglades in America.....

but thats probably the closest to wild you'll get for a while!

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