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Tank sellout

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hi guys got the rest of my stuff to get rid of..

1.. 4.5ftx2.5ftx2.5ft tank and pine stand and otto pf450g 1800lph canister filter $120

2. 5ftx2ftx70cm high ,hood, cabinet, 300w jager heater 1200 lph aqua one canister filter tank light and calc carb substrate $270

3. breeding setup.. timber stands 1 bank of tanks 2, 3x18x18 1 3x18x20, other bank top row 2x12x15, 2x12x12, middle row 4x15x18 bottom tank 4x18x20.. all glass drilled with 25mm bulk heads, taps on each inlet, bio balls, gutter guard, crushed coral, aqua clay sump media 270litre plastic sump 4500lph sump pump 300w jager heater great setup calcium carb in all tanks.. $250

pick up is from murwillumbah 30 mins south of the qld nsw border cant get pics up but will keep tryin cheers matt





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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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