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flagyl is a wormer?

what types of worms does it kill?

This is my flagyl FAQ I have always used http://www.wetwebmedia.com/metranidazole.htm

If I suspect bloat is caused by bacteria/protozoan then I will use flagyl

for worms I prefer

praziquantel ~ for flatworms

Levamisole Hydrochloride ~ pretty much everything else

Levamisole HCl has been found highly effective in the treatment of mature and developing immature stages of major stomach and bowel worm species in cattle and sheep including gastro-intestinal worms such as:

Stomach worms--Haemonchus spp; Ostertagia spp; Trichostrongylus spp;

Roundworms-- Nematodirus spp (which include threadworms); Cooperia spp;

Nodular worms--Oesophagostomum; Chabertia spp;

Hookworms--Bunostomum spp; Necator spp; and Ancylostoma spp; and

Lungworms-- Dictyocaulus spp.

Nematodes (roundworms) in particular are a common problem. Nematodes such as Capillaria, Eustronggylides, Camallanus, and Contracaecum are common among many fish species. Levamisole HCl is highly effective as a treatment against nematode species.

###### It is INEFFECTIVE as a treatment for: ######

ParasitesCestodes (tapeworms)

For Cestodes the recommended treatment is Praziquantel.

Trematodes (flatworms or flukes)

For Monogenean Trematodes with a direct life cycle the suggested treatment is Formalin, administered as a short-term or prolonged bath.

For Digenean Trematodes which have a complex life cycle, using differing hosts, the best control is to break the life cycle of the parasite. Elimination of the first intermediate host, the freshwater snail, is often recommended.


If you were one of the few that found this post interesting, I reccomend following this link, and reading up.

The more you know.....


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Tropheus stress is usually the trigger for bloat, isolation & white stringy poo as well as swaying swimming are the first symptoms. A bacterial infection may be accompanying an internal parasite like cryptobia. Usually why antibiotics are recommended as well as using metro.

If it's still eating you could try feeding Epsom salt with food.

No guarantee you won't lose it.



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