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got some convicts

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so i had to get rid of my green terror because there troublesome and i got a pair of convicts (bout 3cm) yes i traded to a LFS and got ripped off as usual but hey!

personally i like convicts i like the way they look and act

my mate said he was giving me a 4ft tank(turned out to be a 3ft) so i got the convicts in it as my breeders) fry will be oscar feeders OR traded to LFS for store credit(will probs get ripped off for that too) owell so there in a nice semi planted tank with rocks to lay on and what not

a few questions

how big when there generally breeding size? anything i can feed when they get about 5cm to make them grow faster? eg cow heart, hikari massivore or any other superfoods people would reccomend?

cheers :D

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goooooooooooooogle ashimus....

They generally start breeding very yound...maybe 6cm...dont know exact size, but they breed like mice. general growth I have found is governed by water quality. do 1 big chage weekly & they will be super happy. Just feed em protein pellets& some vegie flakes along the way.

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ill google for now but when they do breed and i know the exact size ill inform you :D and i know they breed like mice thats why i said oscar feeders or LFS even if u get 50C a piece over 100 thats $50 so thats still good hey :D

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this just gets more and more awesome.

be aware that convict feeders that dont get eaten

will survive

and eventually

beat up oscars lol

also I dont think the lfs ripped you off

I'd say they did you a favor

taking an aggressive fish off your hands

that is now their problem

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