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Warning check em before you open your wallet !

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A few months ago i purchased some elec yellow fry from a VERY VERY well known member of this forum to bring in some fresh blood .

I arrived on time but was in a hell of a rush to get home due to one of my dogs getting out and running amok (the seller knew i was pushed for time )

Upon arrival i found the ten fish all ready in a white bucket ready to go , sweet i thought i can get going again quickly .

In a rush i didnt bother to ask about the parent colony , just had a quick look in the bucket . A couple looked a little washed out but i just put it down to being a little stressed .

Half hour latter i got home , pulled out the fish only to find that 7 out of the 10 had deformed or missing gill covers and were closer to white that yellow

a apt name for them would be "ELECTRIC CREAMS "

Totally ropeable by the waste of $60 i threw them in the frontie tank as feeders

Well one survived ! post-3844-14711624567693_thumb.jpg

Moral of the story ?

-CHECK EVERY FISH you buy before you let the moths out of your wallet

-regardles of the sellers rep and apparent well standing on the forum CHECK EVERY FISH


Dont bother sending me PMs asking who the seller was as YOU know who YOU are

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That sucks mate.

Hate hearing about the good guys in the hobby being taken advantage of.

Insane that people would bother raising fish that have terrible colour and are deformed.

What is the point?

Just sounds like greed.

Its a good warning for people though

Dont be so eager

Dont be fry!


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its a shame when the fish are obviously sub par

shame the seller didnt talk to you a bit better

and i agree not a lot of value in nameing then as that normally turns into a name calling competition

but if i had to say someone it would be RAYCAM lol hes getting out of fish and therefor clearing dodgey stock lol

dont call me names Ray or i will post those pics hmmmmmmmm


now a dodgey L numb might have been me tk goodness i sold off the last of my malformed elec yellow a couple of days ago lol

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OMG petey, cant believe u would dum p me in it,

they were a new DWARF species of runts, i promise, F1 runts they were

juss cause u couldnt handle such an exotic, OMG

cant believe it

i thought we were friends


love ya sweetcheeeeeks

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wow.. hope you didnt have too travel far.. thats alot of very's.. must be a northside breeder that sells here regulary.. there you go ray. you can start with that.. LOL.

i always check fish before i take them home... especially if its alrealy pre-caught and in a bucket its hard to see from top view, so i transfer them in bags and have a look. most of them apologise and give you extra fish. mind you they have 100's of fish in a 4ft.. the worst thing i find is people saying 5cm is the same as 3cm. that tics me off especially if i traveled over 45mins to get there. thats almost 50% smaller. seriously its not the same... WTF..

Check check check.. very good thread procull.. reminds me of the venustus males.. LOL.

that yellow in the pic is very pale... hmmm wonder if you can sell them as, Labidochromis nkali.. LOL

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that one is one of ma special leccy yellows crossed with a red cheeked kadango :)

tis a new world exotic,,,,,,


but really tis a sad little world when some1 wouldnt fessss up n say oooops my bad tis a ugly little duckinh fishy :)

i have some aquarium safe silicone maybe u can glue some yellow plastic raincoats over its gill plates????

all sweeet in da world

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bwaahahahaa.. i have aquascape glue.. stuff from AOA on the counter. that'll work..

well ive had some breeders actually take out the dodgy fish and put them back in the tank.. LOL. i said to them" seriously i hope yor not going to sell them".. they tell me they use them for feeders..

yeah right..

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Dunno how folk can live with themselves 8O :mad:

I've got a buyer tomorrow for 6 FH's. Unfortunately, they've kicked the crap out of each other over the last couple of days but being as tough as they are, are none the worse for a scrap, but they look crap with the odd scale missing and chunks outta their tail. I know they'll recover and I know they're good looking fish but there's no way I'll let 'em go in that condition and shall be telling the buyer so first thing in the morning..................what's a couple of bucks compared to your reputation?.................obviously a lot as some seem to value bucks more than rep.............it'll cost 'em in the long run though 'cause word will get round, if not openly, then via pm.


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yea reputation is a big thing

hard to get and easy to lose

so many people only care about the cost

but its the quality that matters

you know when you have quality fish

when you notice so many of the other fish out there

are skinny, pale, bent, dull, busted and ugly.

Kinda feels good.


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Tis a sad thing. I hope you go through the dispute resolution, if only the person gets warned but preferably banned. It may slow or stop it happening to your friends - but I would think your friends already know who it is. Sorry to hear mate - puts a bit of dampener on things. Hope you help stop it from happening to others and now find some real cracker electric yella's.

Ya never know, the person may have done this before and been put through the dispute resolution and this may be the last straw for the Mods - I hope so.


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yeah i'd have to say i've been done twice too. once got sold a 10 females and the guy put them in a bucket......7 males it ended up. another time same story, looked okie from the top, different story when i took them out. munted and everything. hence why i always look twice if they are in a bucket before i get there and hence why i never try to pick out fish before they get to the joint!

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Thats crap man.

I had the same thing happen a couple months ago. But being a newbie I didnt have the confidence to question the quality of the fish on the spot to the seller. I thought I must be wrong, these Saulosi are meant to be brown & grey right?? thats normal??

Euthanized them yesterday. Wasn't worth the petrol and time to take em back.

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Sucks that people do this, Make us all that do this look suspicious, I always have the fish in a bucket or esky when the buyer arrives just incase they are in a hurry or whatever, I always net the fish so they can look before we transfer them into their bucket, I honestly couldn't take someones money knowing the fish were under par quality.

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