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Hey guys, im going to be ordering my new tank hopefully this week;

Will be either an 8x3x2.5 or 8x2.5x2.5 or 6x3x2.5 :D

Going to be an upgrade from my current marine setup.

My question is does anyone on here build custom cabinets for large tanks? or can reccomend a cabinet builder?

I would PREFER a timber frame with 2pak cladding, but will accept a steel frame if necessary.

The cabinet would need to be 8ft long, 3ft wide and about 90cm tall.

A simple hood to match would be nice; 8ft long, 3ft wide and about 20 cm tall.

Just timber & 2 pak as well.

Any rough quotes or reccomendations would be great :)


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hey aldo got any pics of the stand n hood... I just wanna see how he can do it so cheap... the timber alone cost me $300 for my 4x2 cabinet.

dont worry, found your pic..... yup, can see how....

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Ok well if i do end up going with a steel stand i would love the hood to be like this; (Thansk to MASA/RTAW for the pics)

Ignore the sizes but the concept of lifting the lights up etc, im sure i can purchase gas struts or something myself to make it easier.

But as i said i would prefer the stand to be hood, steel is my second option.



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Hoping for an end result similar to this tank;

(amazing tank on Masa)

Except my tank will be slightly wider and taller.

This is just to give an idea on the overall cladding concept.

2pak and recessed stainless steel kickboards.



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I have seen some of Jaypee's handy work on here and he is a total pro at cabinets etc but I really don't know if he takes orders. He's also in Toowoomba. Other than that, i have also seen threads of Mackayman's and his work is awesome too but he's in Mackay

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thanks Woodie.

Mate any thing is possible. It just depends on how much you want to spend.

2 pak is not cheap. Thats for sure. But can be done.

You could try a joinery shop up your way they might be able to help you.

If not you could send me some sizes and i could see what i can come up with.

JP =)

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