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Hi everyone I was just wondering if 2 green severums and 2 gold severums and 2 chocolate cichlids would go in a 4x15x15 tank with a 1400 internal and a 1500 external filter any help would be great

Thanks Shaun

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I have in mine...

Breeding pair gold sevs(M-21cm,F-17cm),

Breeding pair green sevs(M-17cm,F-15cm),

gold sev female(15cm),

green sev female(14cm),

marble fenny(9cm),


7 clown loaches(ranging from 7-18cm),

28cm sailfin,

16cm goldspot,

3 paki loaches(4cm),

about 10 various b/n from 4-6cm.

Im running an Fx5 on a 4 x 18" x 28", and the only problem i have is the braziliensis...

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