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M. Pulpican taking angry pills???

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Hey guys

I'm about to move my afri juvies into a bigger tank. And thought it a good time to pull out any that arent going to fair well long term.

I have 4 Pulpican males only 4cm long, but these guys go at it non-stop amongst themselves. Its all harmless atm. Everyone else gets along fine.

Are these guys in general known for their aggressiveness more so than other mbuna??

If so Ill remove a few of them now to save the trouble later.



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haha, ok, yeh I think I remember reading a few times when researching them they were "mild mannered".

Will definately get rid of a few in that case.

Shame cuz theyre a stunning fish, even at this size.

On a side note man.... all male mbuna tank...

I know everyone says "no no no, male female ratio blah blah blah". but could it work?? or is it disaster without a doubt.

Im willing to give it a crack hey, but keeping my saulosi females for some colour too.

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good point man.

just 2 could be worse hey. Or one Pulp and one Afra as they look similar. but 4 or 5 changes it.

Im going the overstocking approach with these guys of course to spread the aggression.

But i always read the ratio thing everywhere.

Anyway I'll give it crack, Im learing as i go. could be a good show when these guys get some size.

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