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Planted amazon tank

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Im thinking of doing up my 4ft into a amazon tank...only problem is that when ever i put plants in there they normally die after a few weeks. This could have been many factors but i want it to stop obviously. I had an internal filter which pumped out water pretty quickly so i believe the strongish current could have been the problem + fish + acidic levels ect. If anyone has a planted tank advise on the following would be handy

-Current Ph is around 6.7

-Internal filter but will change to overhang to have no current

-good lighting for 10hrs a day

-3mm gravel + rocks + driftwood

-Should i use aqaurium soil or something for the plants once i get them?

-Feed plants what and how often? potassium??? ect

-Nitrite/ammonia is basically 0

Advice please as im setting up tetra/discus in a month or so.

Cheers, Brad

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Plants will do fine in both and gravel sand. Some people use a gravel level covered in sand (grainy sand, not the fine play sand stuff) to give the roots some room. What sort of lighting are we talking here, and how high is the tank?

I've got a 28" high 4 foot with 4x54W 10000K and I have trouble keeping plants alive, I've got a couple of Amazon Swords currently and they're doing fine with Flourish Tabs and 10 hours of light a day. They're not really growing though.

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so many variables, but the biggest would be your lighting, what bulb/bulbs are you using,

doesnt matter too much about the substrate as long as like japes said its not the play sand cos it will suffocate the roots, i grew my plants in a bare bottom tank,

as for feeding the plants i use flourish(the liquid one) by seachem....

i have 2 internals and a sump running on my discus(planted) tank without too many issues at all with the current, it has next to no interuption with the growth of the plants....

oh what sort of plants are you trying to keep alive/keep?

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