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Been out of the game for a while but starting to get the itch

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Hey thought i would introduce myself.My name is leigh and i haven,t had fish for prob 6-7 years.A couple of names on here look familiar to a forum i was on years ago [was prob this one].

Back in the day i kept americans fav fish back then was my umbee.I also had a planted tank with a couple of discus catties ect.I have always liked my catfish had bristlenose common and peps royal whips and some plecos.

Atm starting with a 3ft planted tank.And trying to convince the missus to let me dust off the 6x2 in the shed so i can get back into the americans.

Will be keeping an eye out for any body selling plants on here and also peps.

Looking forward to getting back into the fish scene now the kids have grown up a bit and don,t take up so much of my time.

Cheers leigh

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Welcome back mate, yes it's a big ask to convince missus to lget more tanks when she think you have more than enough. Good luck and love to see your planted tank pictures if you upload them up in the aquarium video and photos section. Cheers


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