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2 Breeding Setups + More

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Breeding setup 1:

2 tier 4ft on metal rack/stand.

Tanks are display quality & stand is strong steel.

Top tanks is 4x2x2 & bottom is 4x1.5x1.5.

Asking $150 ono

Breeding setup 2:

Second breeding setup is an solid pine stand 3 tier 4ft with 2x4ft tanks divided with glass into 1x1ft section & 1x3ft section.

Tanks are display quality & stand is very solid. All the tanks on the stand are all connected to a sump that runs to a box on the side. filtration is very good on this setup using the sump.

Will throw in an 8 outlet air filter, caves, rocks and more for the breeding setup 2.

Break down:

2 x 2ft x 1ft x 1ft tanks

2 x 4ft x 2ft x 2ft tanks (divided)

1 x 3 tier 4ft stand

+ all sump connections & sump & media

Asking $350 ono


(Breeding setup 1)



(Breeding setup 2)




Sorry for the bad photos, they were taken a long time ago and the tanks are all empty and very clean. I successfully breed my electric yellows and my L134's.

More information on the tanks just send me a message.

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