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pandapetes more pics

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yeah discus noob me and a friend are working on it. we've been at it for about 12 years now

we've achieved females with color in the tail and I currently have a triple female with her first spawn about 80 fry

so I will be keeping my eye on them

the best part is her tank sits on 21-22 degrees and ph of 7.4-7.6 hardness of 6-8d........ breaks all the rules I know!!!

JC or I will let you know when we get some better results so you can take some pics

cheers pete

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I know your friend, that is why I made the wink ;) as I am well aware of the secret and have seen the old boy so to speak ;)


Have some young boy photos but they are still young, so clearly the potential is yet to be discovered when they grow.

Your mate has a very very good juvie coming along with a lot of black too. Ah the days when itll be all black. You and him will be rich!

You know the moment theres more fry I will be taking some pics when I visit him for progress of the transition now :)

PS what is the full range of cories do you breed? What is available atm?

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