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b/n to do or not to do, that is the question.

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hi all

i have a 4ft with 2pair b/n (1 just laid) and a few rouge longfins in there... and i have

a trio of pepps in a different 2ft tank that i'm having trouble breeding,

so what i'm asking is should i put the pepps in the 4 ft tank with the other 2 pairs??? or is it too much or not a good idea etc

i'm reasonably new to b/n's so any feedback will be greatly appricated.


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Gday Beavis,

You can mix them but is there any real need? I have and do still on occasion keep/breed peps in a two foot planted tank and if there is no need to move them I wouldnt. You will find that if you move them you will increase the load on the tank (bio waste) and it will mean even more work. if your peps are not breeding try changing diet, make sure the water peramiters are good and I have also found that some extra hidy holes can help with keeping peps happy.

Also how old are the peps and have they breed before you baught them? also what are the total dimentions of the 2ft? but I would also seperate rouge LFs from commons too.



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