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FS: 4'x2'x2' Sumped Display Setup :)

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Hey all,

I've finished building and setting up my new 6ft display. So i will be selling off this 4ft display in a month or so (once the 6ft has cycled).

This is a nice setup,

Tank: 4'x2'x2' display with 5mm Lids, 4x 25mm bulkheads with Strainers and PVC pipework. The back of the Tank is painted Black.

Light: Aqualina 2ft, 4xT5 bulbs (only running 3 at the moment)

Sump: 2'x1'x15" (LxWxH) 3 sections,

-Media: 10L Off-Spec Matrix, Heap of bio balls, Dacron

-Heater: 200w

-Pump: Brand New (fitted yesterday) 1400L/Hr

Stand: Display Steel Stand with 17mm Form Plywood on both teirs, Painted Satin Black, 4x Outlet Powerboard. Stand is 765mm high, Overall height (Inc. Tank, foam) is 1380mm.


Whole Setup:


Sump: (the extra media in the last compartment is NOT forsale as it was for hospital tanks, Sump comes how it looks in the above photo)


Plumbing (this was taken before I set it up, has a isolation valve on the inlet pipe now)


Price: $300 FIRM! This setup cost me approx $500 to build (I built the sump, stand and lid configuration)

Pickup is from Redbank Plains or I can deliver to Brisbane for $60 (diesel is expensive now)

PM or Post any Q's.

If your serious about this setup, we can arrange a pickup time that coincides with my fish transfer keeping the media seeded ;)



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Lots of interest :)

Will only hold for a $50 non-refundable deposite ($50 comes off total price on pickup/delivery) unless I have had multiple good dealings with you ;) this is so I don't get stuffed around n also gives the buyer piece of mind that the setup is theirs :)



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Ive found a way to get rid of Timewaisters!!!! HAHA.... Just ask them to put down a non-refundable deposite :) still have some people interested but nothing solid ;)

Think i will use this method to sell things from now on



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