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complete setups fs (4ft,2x2ft,1.5ft)

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hey guys i have 4 tanks for sale each has everything you need just add water and fish

1. 4ft $150 (4ft may have to wait up to 2 weeks as soon as i get the money im getting my mates 5ft and will transfer fish and then will be right to sell )

1220mmX455mmX450mm (LXWXH)

from ground to top of the light is approx 130cm (1.3m)

few scratches ive been using as display but probs better off with a fry growout or something

Heater : aqua one 200W

Filter: ORCA internal SP-1000B 550 lph

comes with everything in photo except fish and driftwood


2. large 2ft now $50

would make a good display if you clean the watermarks off doesnt look scratched at all just needs a mad clean haha

605mmX460mmX400mm (LXWXH)

Heater: Aqua World 50w

Filter: Aqua One 101F 400 lph

Light: cheap one from bunnings lol

once again everything in photo but also have more large rocks and a bamboo cave not in photo thats included if you want it


3. 2ft $50

display quality no scratches at all and bevelled edges on glass at top and black silicone with no edging (looks real good )

610mmX305mmX380mm (LXWXH)

Mozoo 100w heater

aqua world IF300 internal filter 300lph

everything in photo as well as spare substrate in bag if you want it has dw and a bamboo cave


4. 1.5ft $40

good quality with a couple of small scratches and marks from a stick on thermometer (just gotta clean off )

465mmX225mmX300mm (LXWXH)

aqua world 25w heater

sponge filter

Aqua world AW-05 Dual outlet airpump

one outlet barely blows so i had an airstone and the good outlet with the sponge filter

once again comes with everything in the pic


my number is 0430604244 just shoot me a text or give me a call

thanks for looking


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here are some better quality pics also all tanks are now empty except 4ft

first one to buy a tank will get pick of all the free rocks,bamboo caves and also a bottle of plant food with barely any gone



big 2ft


normal 2ft




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