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eheim 2260 BIO media choice?

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G'day, I will be acquiring a Eheim Classic 2260 Canister Filter, it doesn't have baskets and comes with no media. My other canisters run matrix, substrate pro and other Eheim media.

Just wondering what you guys would recommend as the best BIO media that will fit into this canister?

Eheim Classic 2260 Canister Filter

Aq. size up to approx 1500 L

Pump output approx 2400 LPH

Canister volume 23 L

Thanks in advance

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Hi mate,

Congrats on your choice of an awesome canister filter! I have two of these filtering my 8x2x2. One of them uses the standard Eheim media pack (which is horrendously expensive and you may have to sell your first born child to finance it)... the second one I put in some coarse sponge, about 5 L of ceramic noodles and about 10 L of matrix, topped with another sponge. I have the media bagged. (Even though it is a 23L filter, the actual available volume for media is closer to 18 L).

Once again, awesome filter. I'm sure you'll be happy with its performance.


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Thanks alot for the reply. I have some Jap Mat and some bio balls for it, I'll probably get some ceramic noodles ,matrix and substrate pro (as much as I can afford haha) and put them in bags. Thanks for the advice =)

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