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Hey guys n girls

I brought a colony of Fussorochromis Rostratus yesterday

It's 14 fish and what looks to be 3-4 male, the rest females ( I'm going off colouration n sizes so its a guess really)

Now Ive been able to find a bit of info on the net about them, but I would like to know how to sex them accurately.

Also if anyone has had any luck spawning them could they also leave me some hints on getting them to sPawn



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like Donny said,

some or lots of your females will actually be sub dom males hiding, they like sand on the bottom of fine substrate as they actually dive in to hide from predators etc, so on occasssion you will come in and not see a few fisha s they will have gone into hiding, dun worry natural sorta like stingrays (i lerv Stingy so cutes) hehe


they will eat most prepared foods, like large sticks etc cause they big fish.

To spawn easy as, offer up some clear space give em alittle Barry WHite, and some privacy and bham, they will go at it :) females of a good size will offer up a massive spawn, not the best fish for resale but nonetheless a gr8 fish to spawn and keep.

Male in fuill dresss is OMG

Hotty with the LOtty i tell ya,,,,

go hard n have fun enjoy@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

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I used to raise fry outdoors during summer

ya get much faster growth rate that way I found

love their earthworms too lol

dont keep with anything with silver/black markings

they hybradize easy espec with things like red empress!

the males have a MASSIVE labido lol

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Thanks Donny n ray

I was kinda hoping one of you two would answer my questions.

I'm a noob when it comes to lake Africans

You two are deadset legends, always giving Out good advice, so thanks for that!

I've got them in a 6x2x2 and I'm Currently feeding them sinking African pellets n some pea n prawn as a treat (hopefully that'll fatten them up so that they spawn)

I read that they like hiding in the sand, that I sorta didn't believe at first but yeh that's true too lol

Your not wrong about the males looking good toO, that's what originally caught my eye with them, (normally I don't like Africans). But these fellas are very pretty once fully colored up, so maybe these fellas might convert me to the dark side lol

Again thanks to Donny n Ray for their help

Ps I saw a baby pair of stingers when I brought the colony, how cool are they?

Once I get a big enough tank I think motoros will be my next project


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pleasure dear Sir,

u aint to far from me either so iffen ya ever need a hand or some help holler for a Marshall and dun bother me

Baaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaah sorry nah u can ask me,,,,,,,,

as Chickadeee said i be a very serious type person now!!!!!!!!!!!!

but yeah wait for it when they hit the sand its awesome, for such a large fish its amazing you cant see them, my males were round 25plus cm and i could never find them, had to wait then like a bloody submarine they would surface :)

but yeah the males are spectacular, the gold on the males is mindblowing oooodles of colour and i love ma oooooooodles i can tell ya

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Congrats on the purchase. As ray said, males in full show are amazing, definately my favourite african. Whatever you do dont put big lombardoi in with them, big male rostratus will attempt to eat the dominant male lol


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yea most fish that try to liplock usually realise their error

when the rostratus mouth goes OVER their head!!

I have seen a big rostratus swallow a big spilo head during a fight

spilo shook him off

but ya was hilarius

dam thats a good picture tho

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