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glass for sale

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12mm (from memory)

2 of 8ft x 2ft

2 of 2ft x 2ft

$200 for the lot

It was a tank. I pulled it down with the view to replace the base and top.

The glass is in pretty good condition - I wouldn't say display but there aren't a lot of scratches.

Not drilled

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Just to make this as clear as possible.

This is 4 pieces of glass - 2 pieces of glass 8' long by 2' wide and 2 pieces of glass 2' long by 2' wide.

This will need the top support frame and a base to make 1 nice 8' tank. Here I have the front, back and both ends. You just need the bottom (you know what the substrate sits on) and the very top (you know where glass lids would sit)....

I'm getting desperate. Maybe if someone Pmed me with a rediculous offer I just might take it

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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