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A nice surprize yesterday

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we had been wanting to pull apart our display tank for awhile now, we not only wanted to change the fish, but to try and kill most of the snails, its stocked with a few guppies, endlers, mollys, platies, kribs, plecos, a pair of LG6 whips, and a mixture of bn, normal, albino, marbles, long fin and short fin, plus a couple peps we are growing up, we wanted to remove the peps and sort out the other bn, plus move the kribs, into their new tank we had got set up for them, its a 3ft all in one with lights and filters,

we started to remove the kribs

the trouble was we found some little suprizes everywhere, one of the bn males must have found a nice girl bn and they had babies, :D we have bred a few bn in the tank, but most get eaten by the kribs and when we had our black ghost knife in there, you guessed it, so in stead of going out and doing something for mothers day, my beautiful wife and i decided to stay home and start pulling apart our 5ft display tank,

after we tracked down the 10 kribs (which were doing their best to have a feed of baby bn) and made them at home in the new tank, we got carried away, next thing most of the contents were on our kitchen table 8O and we had a bucket full fish and a bucket full bn, not sure how many baby bn we have, but there was heaps,

lucky for us we had already set up a couple 4fters and had them ready to put the fish/bn into, we had green swordys in them keeping the bact live,

but our pair of convicts were far from pleased, :P we moved them out of their 3ft tank into a small 2ft tank as we needed their tank to put our large plecos in, it was the only other large tank we had that was cycled, lol,

and to make things even better, (not), jules gets a call and has to go into work today so we now have 1 empty 5ft tank, buckets around the lounge full of the tank contents, buckets of the cal carb and normal sand outside waiting to be cleaned, a 4ft tank full of tropicals, a 4ft tank full of bn of all sizes, plus 1 peeved pair of convicts, 5 plecos in the 3ft tank, and hopefully tonight we will have time to start refilling the tank,

ohh thats right, and the kribs who started all this, are still hiding (and refuse to come out) in their new tank amongst the fake plants and caves,

so that was our sunday and sunday night done,


steve and jules.........

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