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Gday Dylan

Most tropheus breeders/keepers will remove algae eaters as they compete for the food that the tropheus can graze on. It will depend on your feeding regime. Many breeders have starve day/days (for instance some dont feed over the weekend, feed for 5 out of 7 days etc) and the tropheus will graze on the algae as they want.

The main thing to remember with tropheus is not just quality of diet, but quantity as well - they are easy to overfeed and better having smaller feeds more often than big feeds less regularly as they will just continue to graze.

My advice is to remove the bnose. There are many tropheus breeders on here who may have other opinions, hopefully they post on here for you too.

Hope that this helps, and good luck with the bembas.



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hi mate,

your BN should be ok with tropheus tank, just leave them there!

probably better to leave them there to clean the left ova that have been stuck in rocks etc

the tropheus will eat most of the food before the BN get there chance anyway

variety is always good no matter what. Ask yourself, you wouldn't like to stuck on meat pie all year round would you?

dont let other fool you and tell you certain type of food is good and should be use exclusively as a stable diet....even if the food has been designed/manufactured as a 'all you can eat/need' but then why should you stuck to one when you have choices?

with tang and tropheus in particular, its important to introduce new food S L O W L Y....! weeks even months to prevent bloat!

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