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What can go with what

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I'm actually a bit oldschool, I usually keep fish with them. But I know of many people these days who constantly push the envelope.

As to pH levels, I suppose you could google Malawi, but thats cheating really. I'd say a pHD is something like engineering would be most useful for fish that like to dig.

But more detail would let us know if an arts degree would be more apt.

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dude most other lake malawi cichlids should be right with them also featherfin cats cuckoo cats or bns or plecos :)

just make sure theres plenty of cover for fish to hide and establish territorys and maybe have a hospital tank ready lol just in case

as for ph just google the fish you plan on keeping and as long as they are all pretty much the same keep it in the middle of all there averages :)

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wouldnt it be easier to tell you what fish wont go with them?

seriously make a list of species you like, and we can tell you wont work

what you ask is epic beyond measure.

and I usually leap at epic

theres a forum search function, try looking up yellows

I mean other people have put tons of their experience with them on here

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elec blues and white knights..... get them too small and the fish below will kill them, get them too big and they will eat smaller specimens of fish below

elec yellows...... very chilled out mbuna. Add these first.

red zebras, cobalt blues....... these zebra will probably hybradize. when they get big they will run the tank. Add these last

crabro,mosobo....... aggressive for their size, add these just before the zebras

,red empress......... only get a single male. will be centre piece display fish

hongi..... will work great

this is order I would add in......

elec yellows

elec blues +white knights


red empress

crabro, mosobo

red zebras, cobalt blues

If it was me I would go with the following list instead

elec yellows (4)

elec blues (1male)

dragon blood peacock (1 male)

hongi (1 male)

blue pindani (4)

red empress (1 male)

crabro, (1male 1 female)

mosobo (1 male)

red zebras, (1 male 2 female)

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im just trying to find where to get a good one from not every where sell them i just dont want to get fish n then they die cause then your just killing fish its better i ask these questions and then the fish will be good its research and i have looked on google but i figure use no alot more so id ask use..

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better to ask a stupid question than to make a stupid mistake! c'mon guys we all started somewhere, i'm sure i had some retarded questions when i 1st came here!!!! that said, a lil bit of common sense doesnt go astray! dan, give either pet city or redlands pet centre a call regarding test kits and any other questions you may have.

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actually im pretty sure if you call pet city and ask for donny, this guy has an awesome knowledge of fish, im sure he'll be more than happy to answer just about ANY question you have regarding your fish tank!

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