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nice big corner filters - where are they now?

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I know everyone poo poos them - but where can i get some nice big corner filters?

The ones with airstones - maybe 15 or so cm high....

I've recently starting using smaller ones again on some small tanks- they work a treat - fill em with whatever you want. wonderfull. One little air pump does half a dozen tanks...

anyway, just need to find some bigger ones..

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But in the pass I made some out of 2L coke bottles (yes, I was an addict) & it worked great from me.

Cut in half then jam back together, so you can change media easily.

Have a large airstone near the top & fill the rest up with noodle or matrix or something.

Oh & drill holes near the bottom.

I even have ones half shafted into gravel (coarse), so the water flow through the gravel first. Therefore the gravel works for you as well.

Gotta love the coke bottles! But love coke even more .....

Have been using the above excurse to buy coke until misus stopped me ....



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I use sponge filters as well - but I think these fellas are totally underrated in small tanks...

I went to an LFS that had big ones in the tank but none for sale (only smaller ones)

Thought about diy - but we don't drink coke (anymore)...

Anybody know where "Lees" products are sold - they have a nice big "triple flow" corner filter?

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agreed, theyre under rated for sure.

Im gonna give one of these DIY's a crack.

Maybe using a 3L juice bottle with an air lift tube attached to the top to maximise flow.

I love the idea of having close to 3L of media in there. haha.

i reckon you should give one a go Cram. Think of all that matrix you can squeeze in.

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I have some extra large corner filters spare if anyone wants any, only ever been in tank for maybe a couple of months, can get exact size if needed, asking $10 each, paid $22 new.

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