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lots of aquarium stuff for quick sale

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1 small black aqua 1 air pump work good.....$7

1 medium white air pump works perfectly......$10

1 large president 6000 2 way air pump only....$20

1 plastic plant looks good in tank $2

1 gravel cleaner will suck uneaten food and poo $5

1 very large net $5

1 corner filter with gravel and wool $8

1 large drift wood ornament $10

1 large 20x10cm pvc pipe good for breeding bristlenoses and cichlids $5

1 ph corrector still half full $5

4 kg of natural aquarium gravel $5

also 5 way gang valve $10

or take the lot for $60 can make deals

will make deals if u take couple of items contact number 0434042558 or pm for reply




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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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