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one of my adult L168s is a bit under the weather for the last week or two ..

lack of energy, not staying "suckered" to things, like driftwood. falling upside down on the gravel. and sitting motionless for a short time.

not hiding in his cave like his brother does, also adult.

tonight i noticed a very weird looking under belly on this guy... it was "off white, almost streaky" looking.

unike the usual underbelly of a bristlenose or 168.

his colour is poorer than usual. his brother however in the same tank is fine. no problems at all... as are the other 4 juvi 168s, no issues with any other tank mates what so ever.

Also he is VERY easy to catch by hand and makes to effort to get away.


there does seem to be some kind of grase on his side, near his tail... doesnt look anything major, more like just a grase from one of the breeding caves in the tank,.....

tank is 3 foot, 1200L / hr filter

reasonable levels of nitrate.

no ammonia, nitrite.. etc...

any help would be apreciated..... as i said the other 168s in the tank are fine, great colours..... of course being healty i cant catch them to compare the stomach pic of the sick one above.



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L168s are a strange one, I have had many of them go a strange colour and then just drop dead. Was told by a shop owner once that they are treated with different antibiotics before being shipped to oz and that they become alot more prone to disease through a weakened immune system. Dont no if I buy that as fish that I have bred and grown up have had the same issues. Steve

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