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F/S 4x2x2 tank and stand

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Tank is 10mm glass, not display quality as there are scratches but told you cant see them when tank filled.

Custom made stand to fit. Pine, light stained.

Measured up area wrong and not going to fit Spend all afternoon trying to work out alternatives .:(

Still on ute as picked up last night so if anyone is keen I can deliver tonight Gold Coast area for fuel fee!

Can get photo to load but can email photo if you want.

* forgot to add stand is 630mm high with turned legs

$130 - Tank and Stand only


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I can email them one to you if you want to pm me an address

. Its in bitmap format and I cant get it to edit to reduce size to fit on here. (need lessons lol)

have just taken tank off back of ute tonight, Should have photos early in morning

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Thanks guys;) Luke nice to meet you, Kurt see you around when you get back. Its a small world.

well im sure you would have seen me at your work often as my ute is quite thirsty and i use to fuel up there every few days haha

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