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fish in the bundaberg region???

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hello all,

New to the forum and getting back into my aquariums. Problem..... I find Bundaberg pet shops to either have poor quality stock at high prices or fish that i suspect, and have been told by staff are fed on color enhancing foods(also highly priced). I might sound dramatic but some places have electric yellows 3cm $25 min(seems a bit high).

Questions.... As far as i know some color enhancing foods stop the fish from being able to reproduce true?

I want to stock a 3ft freshwater tank however because off these problems i cant decide what to put in it. (I know its a lil small, bigger one on the way haha) to decide id like to hear from anyone but people in the Bundaberg or surrounds who is currenty breeding fish or has any for sale.

Also interested in setting up guppy tanks so looking where to get

Large strains

flag tail, triangle tail, fan tail,veil tail.


Sword strains

double sword, upper sword, lower sword, lyre tail


Short strains

spade tail, spear tail, round tail, pin tail ?

BTW Great Forum here

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