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Hi Everyone,

Just joined the site because I want to expand my knowledge of the world of plecos

i currently own 3 of them

I've got 1 Common pleco, had him for 2 years now, little over 30cm long. He is the king of my tank and swims around like he owns the place. Goes by the name of Jet. He currently has a little issue, but I'll post that in another thread.

I have 1 gold spot, had him for around 8 months now, about 10-12 cms long, his shyness is starting to go away and has started swimming more freely around the tank when the lights are on. His name is Austin

Also have a new little guy named Jefferey, named because he is an Albino Sailfin with bright red eyes, got his name from Get Him To The Greek. He is only little about 8cm at the moment.

Also have a bunch more fish in my tank.

2 Britlenoses

2 Featherfins (one quite large)

1 Black Ghost knife

1 Gold Gourami

2 Hongi

2 Salouisi

3 Peacocks (and 2 little babies hiding out)

1 Phantom Glass catfish

1 Kingseizi

1 Maingano

I know i have a mix of Africans and some tropicals, but had the congo and gourami since I bought my first fish tank and they have seemed to survive fine with the africans, apart from a couple of fin nips.

I've got all these guys in a 5 x 2 x 2 tank.


Looking forward to learning from everyone

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