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Lowering Tank Temp Over Winter

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I run my tanks at 25°c and as the weather has cooled I have noticed the heaters on more and more.

I would like to know whether anyone lowers their tank temp over winter to save on power usage?

Would lowering the temp on my tanks to 22-23°c have any real adverse affects on my fish?

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What kind of fish? some like it a bit cooler. I dont see a heater using up that much extra power.

I've got a couple of tanks:

6ft - Geo's

5ft - Oscars

4ft - Severums

3ft - Shrimp

3ft - Tang Community

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Dunno about anyone else but unless Im trying to breed I allways lower my temps over winter, otherwise heaters would be going full noise.

I resaearch the area the fish are form then usually go a touch warmer than the winter lows that their natural habitat would be

I keep tank temps high on fry & juvie tanks however.

Hope this helps, just remember not to drop your temp to fast, gradually is the key, same with bringing it back up

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I did some basic calcs last week about heater cost and if my 150W jager was on for 4hrs all up per 24hrs that would cost me 12c.

and to take it further you may need a heater for say 4 months of the year, so thats a total of $14.

So in comparision a 20 W filter running 24 hrs a day all year will cost you about $36.

And alot can come down to how well insulated your house is, do you have lids etc etc.

I only have 3 tanks though lol. and thats why I only have 3 tanks.

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