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setting up a salt water tank

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hey i would like to have a go at setting up a salt water tank for my self so any info hints tips would be great thx and if any one has a salt water tank of there own could you pls post some pic's here 4 me pls as i would like to see how u guys have done it thanx

cheers :wink:

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Wat cha planning on keeping?

The best tip I can give you is to plan ahead. Best to spend atleast a few weeks deciding what you want to keep and what you need to keep it, instead of spending cash early then changing your mind (this can get real expensive real quick). I recomend getting yourself a few good books.

I have found these pages to be the most usefull:

Planning a Tank

MarineDepot > Fish


OZ REEF - heeps of DIY stuff here.

Silent Overflow - Syphon and Backup Durso Overflow Design - the quietest way to get water from the tank to the sump.

Get a headache now rather than later.

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