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coolite boxes with lids

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I have NEW coolite boxes with lids

$2 each

Good for fish transportation


just a box to keep your room tidy

use it for what ever you like

They are $2 each. No deals for bulk buys. $2 each is really cheap.

Place your orders by Pm and I will reply when yours have arrived

This is an endless supply at the moment


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Is this the only size you're able to get? Ive been looking for larger sizes

yes these are the only size that i know of...if other sizes are available i will post other sizes :)

put us down for a few mate, will let you know how many when i chat to jules............. but i'm guessing at least 10,

hey steve, can you please pm your order mate just to keep it organised and easy for me to find

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I think at $2 each delivery would be out of the question....sorry

If you want boxes, pm your order and be patient.

you don't have to pay until you collect them

I will pm or call you when i have your order ready to be collected

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I didnt expect delivery at $2... As I wouldnt drive to the N/side for $2 lol.

I was just wondering if you ventured to the southside for any other reason through the week, so exchange could have been faciliated.


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