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hey all id like to but a piece of drift wood for a 3ft 7 tank that has some nice hiding holes in it

Looking t spend about 20- 30 looking for some over this way im going to royal bris hosp today so if anyones on the trainline from wynnum to roma st id like to get some today

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hey man

i cant help you out with some wood but i cann give you some advice

i very rarely buy my dw, out of about 20 pieces ive only brought 2 pieces

now my advice is to find a melaluca swamp and have a look through it, youd be surprised on what you'll find

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You aren't stuffing people around are you Dan?

Especially after what I have done for you.....Other's have also been good to you

You called me last Friday night to tell me you went against everyone's advice on sand then you tell me on the phone that you didn't want the driftwood I was holding for you that you were supposed to pick up from me that day.....

Sounds like you're up for 2 pieces of driftwood Dan....Mine and DavidTullee's

Not Happy Dan

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