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how old is she ? has she given birth before ....??

the size of the belly doesnt always go down after they have given birth ... look at the black spot at the back of her, near her anus ...... is it "clear" more see through yellow than anything ... rather than being solid black like it would of been before she had the fry... ???

if its yellowy clear then shes had them all .. its possiable some were eaten or escaped if using a breeder "net type" breeder box.

some of my female guppies are still very "plump" after having given birth .. its just the size of the fish its self ..

when the females are young, certainly the first few briths, the numbers are rather small in terms of the amount of fry produced each birth.

IF she has had sizeable amounts of fry in the past there may be reason for concern .. in which case all you can do is wait and hope for the best ... she will most likly abort the rest or absorb them back into her body.

usually moving the female mid birth is ok and she will still continue to give birth.

moving too soon or too close to giving birth she can abort the whole thing if she is too stressed.

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id say shes prob just either young or a bit stessed ... give it 20 -25 days and hope for the best with the next batch ..

id say she is aborting and absorbing them back into her ...

did you get anymore fry in the end ??


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