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fs: 4ft, 2ft, 1.5ft tanks plus freebees

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PRICE DROP !!!!!!!

heyy guys really wanna get these sold so i can buy a 6ft next week : )

selling all these setups cheap

4ft $100 firm ON HOLD

includes: 4ft tank (1220mmX455mmX450mm (LXWXH), aqua one 200W heater, ORCA internal SP-1000B 550 lph filter, stand, light and gravel that is in the tank : )

the tank is lightly scratched i have been using as display but probably just under display quality

here is a pic


2ft $50 ono NOW $30 SOLD

includes: 2ft tank (605mmX460mmX400mm (LXWXH), Aqua World 50w heater, Aqua One 101F 400 lph filter and a little bit of gravel

this tank has almost no scratches but bad water marks but if you clean the water marks it would come up as display quality easy : )

heres a pic


1.5ft $40 ono NOW $25 SOLD

includes: 1.5ft tank (465mmX225mmX300mm (LXWXH), aqua world 25w heater, sponge filter, duel outlet aqua world air pump (one outlet is sort of stuffed), thick layer of gravel

this tank is display quality just needs a bit of a clean from the water line

heres a pic


make an offer on them if you want but im pretty sure they are quite cheap already


conditions of freebees lol you must buy one of the tanks to recieve freebees or pay the price if you just want one of them

if you buy any tank you can have one or all of the freebees so first in best dressed

1. breeding pot $5 bucks as this is what i paid

2. plant food almost full bottle of dunno what brand cost me 9 bucks and a tiny bit of flourish exel $5

3. bamboo breeding cave $2

4. small light fitting would be great for a small tank it is in the pic of the 2ft comes with box and all the little bracket thingies only bought it less then a month ago for $30 i would like $15 for it or free with any tank :)SOLD

if interested text me as you will get in first that way


cheers tyler

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alright guys the small light is sold and picked up

please feel free to make an offer

also 4ft tank cant be sold until i get the 6ft which will either be next weekend or the weekend after :D ive got one on hold

and dan i'd probably let him go for about $30 he is 22cm + just give me a pm if your interested in him :)

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okay guys 4ft is on hold till thursday

other 2 tanks prices dropped for quick sale

cmon guys i need these gone take a tank and you can have the freebies might also have some spare rocks as well for free :)

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