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fs: pond

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we have our pond for sale it is a very regretful sale

ok we break up the package so here are the prices

The pond measures: 2.170mt long x 1.470mt wide x 585mm high

Pond specifications:

has a pine stud frame

outside is corrugated iron

pond liner is the .5mm stuff it turtle safe

the bottom of the liner has been painted with blue lagoon and aquarium safe

it looks heavy but isn't only requires 2 people to move it Asking for $400

Sump specifications:

blue drum 200 liters

has 2 40mm bulk heads for the return

has all the plumbing

it has been designed to take the filter socks

1 strong sump stand Asking for $50


3 large black media bags of clay balls $30 for all 3 on hold

5 large black and white media bags of glass noodles $50 for all 5 on hold

8 large rolls of gutter guard $8 for the 8

sump pump


10,000 lph

125 watts

it his a 32mm hose connected

very quiet and chews up small particles 5-10mm was $100 now $80

filter socks

9 brand new still in packaging $72 or $8 each

2 used ones $3 each or both for $5

please call 0415799864




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hi dan mate we are not going to go lower the price we can tell you that and if it does not sell as a package we will separate it and sell it that way oh buy the way the price we are asking for is a bloody bargain this setup cost $1000 plus to complete

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thanks nev, it was a pleasure meeting you today, and thanks for the great info and the sump and pump setup, will get pics when its all finished,

we have looked into the height issues and jules came up with the idea to put it partly into the ground, that will give us full use of the sump, (part of under our house isn't concreted,) it means changing all the racks around, but thats not going to be hard seeing as they aren't filled up yet, :)

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