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I am planning a build for the near future. It is going to consist of 2x 6ftx2ft 2Tier stands. Each stand will have:

L1800mmxW600mmxH500mm on the top 540L

L1700mmxW600mmxH500mm on the bottom 510L

So all up the system is going to be about 2100L + sump capacity.

The Top of the top tanks are going to be about 1700mm from the ground and the sump will most probably be sitting on the ground.

I am curious to know what people recommend for:

Sump Tank Size (Capacity, Dimensions)

Sump Pump Size / Brand (LPH, Effiecient Brand)

Bulk head Size

I was thinking......

3x2x2 or 3x2x20 for the sump tank (will this be big enough?)

8000-10000LPH sump pump (will this give me sufficient flow for 4 tanks with 2 of them being at 1.7m?)

2 x 25mm bulk heads per tank (will this be enough to drain the flow i need?)

Im just curious what others think as i dont want to build it and realise it doesnt work how i want.

Also can anybody recommend a good fair priced welder and tank builder to build the necessary Tanks/Stands?

Any help would be great.

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i'm looking for the same help so can't help you much, but from what i have seen of others, a 10,000lph will run 5/6 x 6ft tanks, so you might be able to use something around the 5000lph pump, (but don't quote me) , i'm looking at running a couple different systems, 2 of them will have 1 x 6ft x 18' x 18' and 4 x 3ft x 18' x 18' tanks, top tank hight will be 2.1mtrs, i'm looking at using a 3ft sump and about a 4000lph sump pump, but again i'm still like you and not sure,

i have seen a few nice set ups 4 sale here, i've been looking at what they are selling getting ideas of sump size and pump size, its a good place to start, plus you will find some great deals on tank and racks already set up,

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scubes , this system is running a 6000 lph outa a 4 foot sump , 2 sponges in top and middle tanks and small sponges in bottom 4 tanks .taps are trimmed way back , just cut off bottom row and bobs ya aunty .

2 bulk heads/tank

head heights not a prob as its only pumping to two taps

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Ive got a little 2ft sump now with a 3200lph pump pumping up to an IBC and 4 x 2fters. Its only 1.2m head height and im not real impressed with the flow. That is why i suggested an 8000-10000lph.

Im planning on getting all new tanks and stands so i can have it exactly how i want it. I will probably sell off the tanks i have know to help cover the cost. :) I realize it'll cost me a small fortune but Im trying to make it look as neat as i can.

So you think a 4ft sump Pro? Would a 3x2x2 suffice?

25mm bulkheads?

I might drop Luke a PM and see what he can tell me.

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Ok I have the two stands now in my posession :)

I ordered my sump today.

Next step is the tanks. Will be ordering tanks in the next few weeks. Then the joys of plumbing it all up.

Can anybody recommend what type of paint to spray the back of the tanks with? I wanted to go a deep blue colour but unsure of type of paint. I used the aerosol supercheap auto stuff on the back of my current tanks and it seams to be peeling in places.

Either that or can someone recommend where to get an adhesive blue vinyl to stick on. I have seen this before at someones house and thought it looked really tidy.



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Plumbing is the fun part =)

I don't like the whole paint idea. I'm a vinyl boy.

I must say i get it cheaper than most people so thats probably why i go with vinyl.

I do like the look of it better though.

Easy to apply and easy to remove if you ever want to change colours.

All signwritting places will have all colours available.

How many tanks are you doing ?? What are their dimensions ??


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No one will agree because they're scared of any getting in the tanks, but Ive seen great effects achieved with matt acrylic paint. Dont let any get into your tank obviously (tape newspaper over the whole top). Acrylic paint wont come off when contacts water (you know it will), however careful when painting and handling, air bubbles can be a problem.

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If you prep your tank (ie give the panel a good clean with metho or something), even the super cheap auto spray paint should stays on for a while.

The oldest one I got here is 3.5yrs ago & it is good. I uses the black mat finish.



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