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So ive decided im going to learn more about africans and what not, so why not start with the most popular, fronnies.

My question is, Whats the go with all the different kinds, ive seen like burundi, kigoma etc, like what do they mean, is there like a rarity order amongst them?

Also what ive noticed is the "F1" with a couple of africans. What does this mean?

Thanks in advance,


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ok they are diferent variations and the name eg burundi, kigoma is the plase / location of there collection in the wild

also f1 is first generation bread in captivity

so there is

wc - wild cought

f1 - first gen from wild stock

f2 -bread from f1 stock

and so on

othere with some more exp may wont to add to this hop it helps

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