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Sexing Johanni ??

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depends how many you have AND what other fish are in the tank.

If they are the biggest fish in the tank AND there is 10 or more, you should be able to see the alpha male by 3 or 4cm

but full colour change unlikely before they are 5cm +

In mixed tanks expect 6cm+

or you can feed them astax foods and males and females will all go a dirty brown version of male colours at 1cm

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Hey Donny.

I have about 35 of the buggers.

They are in a tank to themselves.

Sizes range from 5 - 8 cm.

I fished out the 5-6 males that are the most coloured (blue)

Then just kept all the orange ones. (which seem to be the smaller ones.)

I know some of these are females but i'm sure there are still some males in there aswell.

I just didn't want to sell off fish if i needed them for breeders.

Thanks for the imput Donny. =)

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Thats what i figured.

I'll check them again when i get back from work in a week and a half.

Any more males will then get taken out.

I think 2/3 males so far.

Some really nicely coloured ones. Some sub dominate ones which will colour up in the other tank.

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